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Salon Furniture

Our Salon furniture range has the best designs and is tailored to meet the specific needs of salon professionals to ensure that a functional and comfortable environment can be incorporated for both clients and staff. Our salon furniture is used by many professionals across different industries. We supply hair salons, beauty salons, spas, and office workplaces.

Good customer service and client satisfaction is a crucial aspect for many salon owners, therefore a well-furnished space with proper equipment can leave a positive impression for clients and reinforce a salon’s commitment to quality and professionalism. Furniture aesthetics also plays a key role in creating mood and ambiance in the salon environment, and whether or not clients have an enjoyable experience.

We offer a variety of styles and options that are customised to align with your salon’s aesthetics, colour scheme, and different services and operations. For instance,  furniture for hair services, nail care, skin care and spas have tailor-made designs to cater to those specific services. Our furniture range includes barber chairs, styling chairs, salon stools, makeup chairs, booster seats, kiddie chairs, footrests, shampoo units, basins, workstations, tables, reception desks, beauty beds, tattoo beds, beauty equipment, and other salon accessories.

Our range ensures longevity and provides top-quality furniture constructed from durable materials that can endure the everyday wear and tear of a busy salon environment. This reduces the need for repairs and replacements while saving your business costs.

Our well-designed and stable furniture accommodates ergonomics and safety features, as we understand it is essential to prioritise the well-being of both clients and staff. Comfortable and functional furniture also contributes to positive working environments. Our furniture is available with various adjustable features and built-in storage to allow mobility and help salon professionals easily organise and move their tools and equipment. When technicians and stylists have a well-designed workplace and are equipped with the right tools and furniture they need to work, it increases efficiency,  productivity, as well job satisfaction, and morale.

Overall, our ergonomically designed furniture is perfect for comfort, durability, aesthetics, and functionality, providing both clients and staff practical seating solutions in grooming and beauty services.


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