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Salon Hair Processors & Dryers

Upgrade your salon experience with our cutting-edge lineup of professional-grade hair care equipment, including salon dryers, the Hi-Speed Pedestal Hair Processor, Spa Mist II, the VL 603 Heat Master, and many other high-end salon prroducts. Our salon dryers are meticulously designed to provide efficient and precise drying, combining power and performance to meet the demands of modern salons. With advanced technology and ergonomic features, these dryers ensure a seamless styling process, leaving clients with impeccable results.

The Hi-Speed Pedestal Hair Processor is a game-changer in the world of hair treatments. Its high-speed processing capabilities significantly reduce treatment times, allowing salons to maximise efficiency without compromising on quality. This innovative equipment is ideal for colour treatments, perms, and deep conditioning, providing consistent and reliable results for a diverse range of hair services.

Experience the Spa Mist II, a revolutionary hair care device that employs a gentle, microscopic mist to penetrate both the scalp and hair. This advanced technology is particularly effective when used in conjunction with treatments like the Head Spa, offering clients comprehensive and indulgent hair care that leaves them feeling rejuvenated.

Despite its highly functional capabilities, the Spa Mist II boasts a compact and sleek cubic design that seamlessly aligns with the aesthetic of high-end salon spaces. Its unobtrusive yet sophisticated appearance ensures that it not only delivers exceptional functionality but also adds an element of elegance to salon decor.

If you're in search of a versatile solution for a variety of applications like colouring, bleaching, dying, or perming, the Italian-made Ceriotti CIX3000 Wall Hair Processor is the perfect choice. 

Another professional hair product to look for is VL 603 Heat Master is a versatile addition to any salon, providing precise control over heat styling. Its engineering design and advanced heating technology make it a go-to tool for achieving various styles, from sleek straight looks to bouncy curls. The Heat Master is crafted to meet the highest standards of safety and performance, giving stylists the confidence to create stunning hairstyles while prioritising the health and integrity of the hair.

Incorporating these professional grade tools into your salon not only enhances the quality of your services but also elevates the overall client experience. With a focus on innovation and functionality, our salon equipment is designed to meet the evolving needs of the beauty industry, empowering stylists to unleash their creativity and achieve exceptional results. Invest in excellence with our range of salon dryers and styling tools, setting the stage for unparalleled hair transformations in your salon.

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