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Takara Belmont

  • Micromist



    Regain natural healthy hair with the power of water!Micro Mist treats damaged more effectively than other steamersny using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantityof microscopic water particles Features * Permeates deeper into the hair*...

  • Yume Espior Shampoo Unit


    Yume Espior Shampoo Unit

    Espoire Yume Shampoo Unit Yume Espoir is space effective, and comes in variation of specification to match each salon need. Superbly slender, smooth couch for head and massage treatments. FEATURES INCLUDE motorised chair movements full backwash...

  • TAKARA BELMONT Dainty Barber Chair

    TAKARA BELMONT Dainty Barber Chair

    TAKARA BELMONT Dainty Barber Chair Unchanged in over 25 years, the Dainty still bears the original Belmont marque and sharp, modernist lines.Traditional barbershop looks in the most compact and racy form.TAKARA BELMONT Dainty Barber Chair Unchanged in...

  • Yume Shampoo Unit


    Yume Shampoo Unit

    Yume Shampoo Unit Easy & Smooth Postitioning, the back rest stimulates the natural reclining movement of the human body, enabling the customer to achieve the perfect shampoo position smoothly. The lower initial seat height is perfect for shorter or...

  • Takara Belmont Air Wave


    Takara Belmont Air Wave

    Takara Belmont Air Wave Finally - a healthy wave! The Air Wave has created a new method for breaking the SS bonding and fixing it to work better with the natural elements of the hair structureThe Takara Belmont Air Wave Features: Helps retain the...

  • Takara Belmont Nami Styling Chair


    Takara Belmont Nami Styling Chair

    AKARA BELMONT Nami Styling Chair  The Science of Sitting from a very Human Viewpoint The Nami, meaning “wave” in Japanese has been designed with quality and comfort in mind. A chair that grows on you, letting you achieve your goals with comfort and...

    MSRP: $1,295.00
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