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Salon Stools

Our salon stools come in various styles and designs and are commonly used in hair salons, beauty salons, and office workplaces. Our stools are designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind and are available with backrests for additional support required for lengthy hair and beauty treatments. Whether you are cutting, styling, colouring hair, or performing other beauty treatments, our versatile stools can be used for various salon activities.

 We understand different tasks require different levels of proximity to clients, our salon stools can adjust to different heights and adapt to different salon and workplace settings. You can adjust stools according to the individual preferences of stylists and clients. Our salon stools are made with materials that are easy to clean in salon settings where trimming and spills are common, making hygiene and maintenance more manageable.

 Our stools are also available with the unique Click’n Clean castor wheels. This groundbreaking technology is custom-made for hair salons that come with removable hair-repellent covers and have superior bearings for faster and easier rolling. Installation is hassle-free as it comes with clear labeling and can be easily assembled and dismantled. The castor wheels are anti-static and designed to protect salon wheels from hair and dirt, allowing you to clean your salon wheels with minimum time and effort compared to other castor wheels.

 Our Joiken Chrome-based Stools come in different colours and modern stylish designs to suit your salon theme and workplace environment, enhancing the visual appeal of your salon. They are efficiently designed for the everyday wear and tear of busy salon environments and can save space if you have a small salon or workplace. Our stools are durable and can save you from regular repairs and replacements, being perfect if you want quality seating without exceeding your budget.

 Our Joiken Saddle-back Stools are beneficial for those who want a more comfortable and natural sitting posture while spending long hours at workstations and extended periods of sitting. The saddle-shaped seat is ergonomically designed to encourage a more balanced and upright sitting pose, while improving back posture and reducing lower back strain.

 Our Joiken Manicure and Pedicure Stools are specifically crafted for nail technicians ensuring both client and nail technicians can maintain a relaxed and comfortable seating during manicure sessions. They are also available with drawers for storage and organising tools, equipment, and accessories.

All our Beaty Stools have great mobility and can rotate and move quickly between workstations, being beneficial for stylists so they can reach their products and tools without having to stand up or re-position the stool. Our wheels offer high-level stability and swivel features, enabling stools to be maneuvered easily so that salon professionals can attend to different aspects of grooming and treatments without having to disrupt the flow of service, facilitating better interaction between stylists and their clients. 

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