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Styling Stations

Creating the ideal styling and work stations for hair salons is a multifaceted task that involves merging functionality, aesthetics, and comfort to provide a seamless experience for both hairstylists and clients. The design of these stations is crucial in fostering a productive and visually appealing salon environment. Ergonomics plays a pivotal role, with the stations designed to accommodate the hairstylist's tools and equipment while ensuring ease of movement. Ample storage space is integrated to keep styling tools organised, maintaining a clean and efficient workspace.

Aesthetics are equally important in styling and work stations, as they contribute to the overall ambiance of the salon. The choice of materials, colour schemes, and lighting can significantly impact the mood and style of the space. Sleek and modern designs are often favoured, creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere for both clients and stylists. Mirrors are a staple in these stations, strategically positioned to provide the hairstylist with clear views and angles for precision in cutting and styling. Lighting is carefully calibrated to mimic natural light, ensuring accurate colour assessment and a flattering representation of the client's hair.

Whether you are establishing a new salon or seeking to enhance your existing styling stations, consider exploring our latest Jamie II Styling Station. This innovative workstation features a contemporary design with a convenient pull-out drawer, providing a sleek solution for organising your tools. Additionally, the inclusion of a footrest ensures both stylists and clients experience optimal comfort during salon sessions. Complementing these features is a stylish timber bench, adding a touch of sophistication to your salon space. Alternatively, consider the Duke Double Sided Work Station, designed to maximise space efficiency in your salon featuring a collapsible bench, this workstation is a smart space-saving solution and its stackable design allows for seamless storage, catering to varying spatial requirements. It is also Equipped with lockable wheels, the Duke Double Sided Work Station offers both mobility and stability, allowing for convenient repositioning as needed. Upgrade your salon setup with our collection of versatile styling stations. We deliver Australia wide. 

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